Installing eventmachine on older FreeBSD’s.

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I’m replacing some backgroundrb workers that do long, slow TCP connections with async eventmachine code in one of my Rails webapps. I ran into some problems installing eventmachine 0.7.2 on FreeBSD 4.8-STABLE with no root access, so I’m documenting how I got around these problems. I’m certain this isn’t the best way to fix this problem, but it worked for me.

First of all, “gem install eventmachine” fails because on FreeBSD, gcc expects “-pthread” when using the pthreads library. Linux gcc normally uses “-lpthread”. Instead, download and unpack the .tar.gz.

You’ll notice that “ruby setup.rb config” fails with the same error as “gem install eventmachine”. Open ext/extconf.rb in the editor of your choice and search for

Code (ruby)
  2. unless have_library(‘pthread’)
  3.   exit
  4. end

Comment this entire block of code out. It is dead to us. Now when you run “ruby setup.rb config”, a Makefile will be generated. Huzzah! Now, open ext/Makefile and look for a place to add -pthread. I added it to the LIBS environment variable.

Now, you may or may not be able to run “ruby setup.rb setup && ruby setup.rb install” without problems.
If so, great!
If not, I have nothing else to share with you. Best of luck with your problems.

Leaky Abstractions.

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